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uk flagWelcome to Sunshine Insure travel insurance. We provide quotes for a wide range of people from all backgrounds regardeless of race, religion or age.

We have a unique approach to finding you the best quote and best medical travel insurance provider to ensure you get the best for you

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Examples of cover that we provide for holidays and trip abroad

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- Travellers with pre-exising medical conditions

- People going on hiking or trekking holidays

- Trips that require a high level of medical cover

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Feature on Turkey

Turkey may have gone through a turbulent time of late but it's still a very popular destination with holidaying Brits. If you do head to Turkey then make sure you have travel insurance for Turkey that covers you for any medical issues, This should be the very minmum! Your GHIC card will not work in Turkey.

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What is Travel Insurance?

It’s the holiday you’ve been looking forward to for a while. You’ve got your tickets, your passport and your suitcase is packed, but what about your travel insurance?

Many of us often forget to purchase this travel necessity and leave home without adequate travel insurance cover.

Whilst travel insurance is sometimes overlooked, it can in fact be one of the most important purchases you make before travelling.

When we envisage our holiday, we usually think of sandy beaches, clear blue skies and our biggest worry is usually how to avoid getting sunburnt. In reality however, things could go wrong and these situations also need to be planned for to ensure your dream holiday does not become a nightmare.

Travel Insurance Tips from Over 95 Travel insurance Sunshine Insure

How much medical cover should I go for?

This question will very much depend on where you go and for how long. There are no hard and fast rules to how much medical cover you should ensure you have but the figure that is quoted by governments, abta and other travel bodies is £2 million minimum.

You have to remember that even a single trip in an airbulance can cost as much as £50,000 in the United States or £30,000 in Europe. Once you have arrived at a hospital the medical fees can seriously baloon, especially when you start having major operations.

In many places you could need a doctor to accompany you on a medical flight, for instance if you are holidaying in Bali and have a major accident you may need to be flown out to Singapore or Australia. This can run in to the tens of thousands of pounds alone.

Always ensure you have medical cover included in your insurance, it is after all the most important aspect of travel insurance and the one that is most called upon in a claim.

Going on a hike?

Cover for hiking holidays to include such walks as Everest Base Camp Trek, Paine Circuit Trek, Mount Kilimanjaro, Kungsleden, Colorado Trail, Tour du Mont Blanc, France, Italy, and Switzerland, Te Araroa Trail, Pacific Crest Trail in the USA

Latest travel insurance news from around the World

Brits are seeking safer places in the World to holiday to after the pandemic

There is a lot of terrorism in the World, and increasinly much of it is happening in popular spots. These include Tunisia, Egypt and most recently Turkey. Due to the recent bombing in Turkey, package tour operators to the country and slashing as much as 40% of holidays to popular Med spots.

Egypt too has had many issues with terror and also the rioting and Arab spring uprising, and it doesn't look like recovering for many years.

Of course there are often winners and losers in these situations.

Countries in Europe such as Spain, Italy and France are seen as safe havens, despite the recent Paris terror attack.

Further afield, Australia and New Zealand will stand to benefit too, as they are regarded as some of the safest nations on the planet.


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EHIC cards otherwise known as European Health Insurance Cards are no longer available for all residents of the United Kingdom since the UK citizens made that awful decision to leave the EU family.

They originall came into effect a few years ago and replaced the old E111 form.

Why should you get hold of a GHIC card?

You should always take out travel insurance when you go abroad, doesn't matter if it's France or India! You are taking a huge risk but not having valid travel insurance for the over 80s age group and you should always ensure that you have declared any pre-exising medical issues you may have.

Other information about GHIC cards

You should take into account that GHIC does not cover pre-exising conditions so you cannot travel to another European country and expect long term care for an issue you had previously.

The G health insurance card is always free. Ignore any false websites claiming that you have to pay for the card, this is simply not true.

Make sure you apply for a card a number of weeks before you intend on travelling.

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