Will I need travel insurance after Brexit?

The simple answer to this question is yes!

Even if the UK doesn’t leave the EU (unlikely now) then you should still carry travel insurance along with the EHIC card. The EHIC is not enough on it’s own and would not cover any treatment that’s need in a private hospital.

Some Spanish public hospitals even turned away Britons a which under EU law they are not suppose to do.

What about the EHIC card? Will it still be available after March 2019?

The truth is that no one knows, not even the UK government or the European union. If they do know then they are not letting on.

Whatever happens with Brexit one thing will remain. Travel insurance will still be necessary for any trips into Europe so don’t leave home without it!

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Travel insurance is a the bottom of the list for UK travellers

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO} has warned holidaymakers and the over 65s from the UK to make sure they have the correct travel insurance in place when considering their trips.

New research from the FCO shows that UK travellers shows that travel insurance is a the bottom of the list when it comes to travellers concerns below getting to the airport, airport security and the wait at the luggage carousel.

The research also shows that 72% of people over the age of 55 intend to travel abroad next year and approximately half of these have a pre-existing medical condition. With the cost of travel insurance the most important factor in the decision to purchase travel insurance according to the research, it also finds that 1 in 20 people have deliberately withheld details of a pre-existing medical condition in order to secure a lower price for the cover.

Many travellers rely upon the EHIC which provides medical care in the member states of the EEA but the level of state provided healthcare varies from member state to member state and the scheme does not include repatriation or additional accommodation costs.

The FCO is concerned about the take up of travel insurance and people travelling without an appropriate level of cover or with a policy that may not be arranged on the correct basis and has provided some examples of the cost of medical treatment abroad

stroke or heart attack repatriation – from £15,000 for an air ambulance in France to £90,000 for an air ambulance in the US

fractured hip – from £15,000 in Spain to £80,000 for an air ambulance in Thailand or the US

fractured arm – from £1,000 in France and Spain to £7,000 in the US

ear infection – from £500 in France to £2,000 in the US

The FCO has issued the following guidance to people travelling with a pre-existing medical condition answer questions about their medical history fully and honestly
read policy documents carefully, including the small print, so that you understand what you are and are not covered for
think about the destination you are travelling to – the price of medical care can vary from country to country, which will be reflected in the price of insurance think about using specialist travel insurance or brokers
where relevant, think hard about whether choosing a policy that excludes treatment related to your condition(s) is safe, even if it is cheaper.

Insurance for a Thailand Holiday

By Anthony Page

More British tourists head for Thailand’s beaches than many comparable European destinations. The long haul flight from London to Bangkok will be at least 11 hours (many more if you have to connect enroute). Despite the long travel time, us Brits love Thailand and the love affair with this Southeast Asian nation is likely to endure.

There is a darker side to travel in Thailand. More British citizens end up losing their lives in Thailand compared to most other holiday destinations. Along with the unfortunate death statistics, many Britons end up in Thai hospitals as a result of an accident or drinking too much.

Many tourists in Thailand like to hire motorbikes and will often drive around islands such as Phuket wearing no helmet (and sometimes under the influence of alcohol too). The statistics for road accidents in Thailand is shocking. We’d advise against riding motorbikes, full stop.

So what would be our number one piece of advice for visiting Thailand? Ensure you have taken out comprehensive travel insurance. The cost of buying some noodles or a Chang beer might be cheap, but any treatment in Thailand’s international hospitals certainly won’t be.

If you are admitted to a Thai hospital then one of the first requirements will be to hand over a substantial amount of cash to cover your expenses. There is a reason why Thai hospitals have ATMs installed in their accident and emergency rooms.

This amount of money will vary from hospital to hospital. If you are not covered by travel insurance then you will not see this money again. If your condition is severe than hospital fees can run into tens of thousands of pounds.

Don’t let the statistic put you off holidaying in Thailand. As the UK FCO says, most visits to Thailand are trouble free, just make sure you have good quality travel cover. Not having insurance in Thailand could be life changing.


Latest prices for travel insurance over 80

Here is a list of the latest travel insurance insurance quotes for those over 85. These quotes are based on older people from the UK travellng to Spain for a two week holiday on the Med. These pricess are current as of March 2017. These quotes are from numerous travel insurance providers who provide cover for UK citizens.

Insurance 4 med  750  3,000,000  68.04
 Good to Go Insurance  0  10,000,000  68.82
 Jet 2 Insurance  750 5,000,000  57.00
 Insure for  1000  10,000,000  93.35
 Get Going  0  10,000,000  44.04
 Alpha Travel Insurance  1000 10,000,000  28.38
 Columbus  0  5,000,000  76.96
 SAGA  5000  10,000,000  50.35
 Just Travel Cover  500  5,000,000  30.90
Explorer  1500  5,000,000  50.64
 Avanti  1000  5,000,000  80.87
 LV Insurance  0  10,000,000  96.00
 Debenhams 1000  10,000,000  98.78