More Brits will be heading to Spain this summer

Spain has always been a hugely popular destination for Brits, and with the ever weakening Euro and troubled times for some of it’s competitors, e.g. Turkey, Tunisia and Egypt, then it’s soaring popularity is no real surprise.


Why will Spain continue to be ever popular with Brits?

Well, as highlighted above, there are a number of core reasons why Spain is going to see even more British tourists.


It’s probably fair to say that anywhere can be the target of terrorists, indeed Spain itself has suffered in recent times, with the Madrid bombing. What can not be ignored is that some countries have an ongoing problem with safety and security, particularly Turkey and Egypt, which are traditional competitors to Spain for tourists.

Sadly for countries like Turkey and Egypt, the immediate future doesn’t look too good, and some airlines have even stopped flying to certain destinations.

All this uncertainty has meant that countries such as Spain, and to a lesser extent France, are now benefiting from other countries issues.


The Euro has been under some pressure recently, and the outlook isn’t too great for the single currency, which means it is likely to weaken over 2016. If you are coming from a non Euro country, then this is good news, because your money will go a lot further.

Consider that on the Costa Del Sol, it’s still possible to buy a beer for one Euro! That’s around 80p, well under a £, and cheaper than even countries such as Thailand, where a beer will set you back over £2.

Safety and money are two of the most important things for anyone planning a holiday, so it’s no surprise countries like Spain are going to prosper.

Just make sure you take out good travel insurance, your Ehic card will not be enough on it’s own!